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May 18, 2020

Your dealership’s market will forget you exist unless you do this…

By: David Bustle

One of the fastest and most powerful tactics I’ve learned about creating ROI for dealerships is to build as many touchpoints as you can with your prospects and customers.

Touchpoints are ways to communicate with your audience on a regular basis. 

A touchpoint could be their email, their phone number, having them as a fan on social. It’s any way you can directly communicate with your market. To be extremely effective, you want to build as many of these touchpoints as possible with each customer.

When I first started my business, I bootstrapped it. I didn’t have someone financing me. When I did some means of promotion… it had to work… or else I might not eat. I learned pretty quickly to maximize everything for effectiveness and put myself in the best boat for success.

I had to give myself the best likelihood for the messaging to pass through.

One tactic I learned was that if you want your message to break through the noise, you’ve got to hit your customers and prospects in multiple ways… multiple times.

The good news is that in today’s world, there are tons of touchpoints you can have with your customers.

Why build these ways to reach them?

A lot of dealerships have this false notion that people will remember they exist.

The truth is… even though we would like it… our customers and prospects don’t just sit around caring about YOUR dealership.

They are focused on themselves. You see, your market is distracted… very distracted. You are competing with their daily lives. Your message has to break through whats going on with their jobs, their kids, their family plans and more.

I often teach my clients to imagine their audience as all having A.D.D. It’s distracted. Your audience is being hammered with incoming messages all day long. They have the internet. They have more options than ever before.

It’s also fragmented and all over the place. Some people are tech-savvy and use social, others are not and best reached through more traditional means like direct mail and calls. Some people respond to a text. Others will not reply back at all.

Everyone is different.

Your audience also has more things vying for their attention than ever before. You are trying to reach them while they are watching their favorite T.V. show, browsing social media and having their kids pulling at their pant legs… all at the same time.

If all you do is send out a monthly email or an update on Facebook… most of your audience isn’t seeing it.

Think about it. Do you read every email you receive? Neither does your audience. Ever been to a fan page you love and noticed that you missed most of their recent updates in your news feed?

That is why you have to stay in front of them with multiple messages through multiple media.

It’s why sometimes it takes hitting them from different directions multiple times to break through and have your message read.

It’s why you are seeing this blog post. I’m reaching you from one of my touchpoints. It’s why I do the podcast and publish it to my fanpages, social media and more. It’s why I do lead capture. It’s why I probably added you personally on social media and produce content on social if I’m going after you as a client.

I’m building more and more touchpoints and testing what works and doesn’t with you.

Let’s say you want to run a promotion. Which do you think has a higher likelihood of being effective to reach your audience?

A promo in a local magazine?


A prospect getting a message about your promo in an email, seeing Facebook status updates, hit with Facebook ads, Facebook messages, a direct mail piece, LinkedIn message, LinkedIn updates, calls, app notifications, twitter update, Instagram post, and retargeting ads, etc.

Obviously, the second option has greater chances for it to be seen, right?

Another Question: What is the one way you can make a profit? When you make offers right? When you send out a message and an interested party gets it and is intrigued enough to respond.

Insider Secret: The difference between your success and your struggle is directly related to the level of daily outbound messages from your dealership. 

You have to do something to make them notice you and keep paying attention to you.

They will not just magically think of you because you exist in the market. You have to deliver your message in front of them.

Generating customers is like baseball. The way you score is by being at-bat and hitting, right? Well if you don’t step up to the plate and swing, you don’t score. Same thing with your message to prospects and customers. If you don’t send anything to them… you don’t make anything in return.

Touchpoints give you the path to having more “at-bats” if you will.

You see, if you don’t have touchpoints, you can’t use them. It means less people in your market is thinking about you. It means less response. It means less profit.

It means… that they will not remember you exist. 

If you do have lots of touchpoints… well you basically are giving yourself magical powers of being able to reach out when you want and connect with them where they are.

If you have their email… you can email them. You can send newsletters, special promotions, product announcements and more.

If they are a fan on Facebook… they can receive your updates, watch videos and updates you send out, you can hit them with ads and more.

If you have their cell, you can reach out sending a text or a ringless voicemail.

If you are having a slow day you can easily fire out a ringless voicemail and instantly reach your whole database and give out special offers.

If you have their address, you can mail them.

If they download a loyalty app, you can send their cell phones notifications.

I think you see the idea.

If you don’t have those things… well, you are basically leaving the results up to the “hope and pray method” that they are thinking about you during their daily lives. 

I think we can both agree that leaving it up to the hope your customers are thinking about you is not a strategy.

Building multiple ways to reach your customers can be extremely powerful. It can change everything for your business.

In our advantage client campaigns, we make building touchpoints easy. It helps you build followers on social. It helps you stay in front of them and keeps them engaged with you. It helps you capture contact information and stay in front of your audience with things like emails and phones.

It’s extremely powerful and builds you a huge asset you can tap into over and over again.

If you want to drastically improve your results, give me a shout and let’s talk about your business. We can craft a plan that fits within your budget and helps skyrocket your results by building touchpoints with your prospects and customers.

– DB