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    Need help getting new business at your dealership?

    Check out our solutions to help get your phone ringing, more leads online and more sales to your showroom.

    100% Trackable

    Check out our solutions to help get your phone ringing, more leads online and more sales to your showroom.

    Turnkey Marketing Solutions

    Get up and running with a fast turnaround time with marketing that is already proven to work. Tap into years of experience.

    ROI & Lead Generation Focused

    We want you to “feel” our results. That is why we produce marketing that you can see working.

    Targeted digital acquisition program.

    Tired of digital solutions that the agency tells you are working… “Look at all of your clicks and page views!” They say. But they can’t attribute it to any sales whatsoever? Our upstream program helps you go after REAL shoppers with intent. It’s also 100% trackable.

    See whose on your dealership’s website.

    You know whats frustrating about dealership’s advertising? Not knowing who is on your website. Our “Whose Shopping Live” program can find out the name, email and address of your website visitors. We can also send them email, mail and ringless voicemails within 24 hours.

    Sell cars through social media.

    If you spend a day observing people in your market, you’ll notice one thing: They are all glued to their cell phones and on social media. With 68% of U.S. adults on social spending more than 2.2 hours per day on it, social is a place your dealership should be all over. Our social media program is a combination of lead generation and content that helps you generate customers on demand for sales and service.

    Direct marketing with instant results!

    Many are saying direct mail is dead. That couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth. It’s working better than ever before, but you must do it correctly. At advantage, we combine innovative direct mail with a twist and have a multitouch sequence that involves outbound calls, emails, digital ads, and personalized websites. You’ll enjoy getting leads, more traffic online, in-person visits to your showroom, calls, and most importantly sales.

    Convert Open Recalls Into Sales.

    When customers have open recalls the manufacturer is required to send letters of notification until 51% are redeemed. After that, they stop sending recall notices. This leaves your dealership with an opportunity to get the additional 49% of these customers into your dealership. 

    Target customers shopping online.

    With our E-Vent program, we shadow shoppers searching to buy cars online and create a highly specific target audience in your market. We tailor your content for this narrow set of people. 

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